Sunday, January 03, 2016

New year... New Goals.

We are participating in the 31 days 2 get Organized Challenge.  So far, so good.  The challenges are small enough that I can keep up... BUT... they do make progress.  They are easy enough that the kids are also "playing along."  I like that part!
Another challenge that as caught my attention is The Great Grocery Challenge of 2016 over at Going Reno.

 I love her blog and enjoy her real life challenges.  The point of this challenge is to take control of you groceries.  I can budget in many areas of our life BUT groceries have a way of slipping way off track each month... I always seem to end up at the end of the month and the grocery money is gone... So I use other money and that never works!
We have some advantages right now because we live in the country, we have a farm, a garden, and a good farmer's market.  I hope to be able to post some of our deals and ideas to save in the kitchen.  Another big advantage that my oldest son has come to really appreciate... I can do stuff.  That is how he said it.  I can cook and I know how to make things from scratch.  Canned soups and mixes just don't exist in our house.  When I quit my job as a teacher to stay home with my own children, I had to make up the difference somewhere and prepared foods were the first to go.  I don't remember the last time I bought a can of cream soup or a packaged meal mix.  I missed them at first but now... they don't even register... and I think they taste nasty now... and happily... so do my kids.
So... I will try, this year, to post my weekly menu list (with recipes, links, etc...).  Having a Menu plan helps keep the food budget in order.   It is random, hungry shopping that blows my budget... I end up with Nutella and Cheese puffs when I don't plan...
To help me plan ( because I am a very random person!!!), I have to narrow the options.  I came up with a weekly food plan a few years ago, and when I follow it... life works better.  Here is my current food plan.
Sunday - "Sunday Dinner" type food and we eat with my brothers 2 weeks out of the month
Monday - Burger/Taco/Spaghetti night - means anything that fits those meal ideas
Tuesday - Ethnic Food night - We like too many different kinds to have individual nights of the week
Wednesday - Soup/Stew/Chili
Thursday - Crock pot/ Casserole/Meat pies
Friday - Kids Cook - The kids all know how to cook something and are learning how to cook others
Saturday - Pizza/Sandwiches/ Fun Family Foods
I have linked each of these to a pinterest page I use.  This helps me organize my many ideas for meals.

I also have a breakfast plan... I am looking at that again and am trying to re-work it to fit our needs better.
Now to go watch a family movie with my kids and DH on our last day of Christmas Break.... while I collect this week's recipes.

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