Monday, April 16, 2007

Lucy Needs .....

Angelic has this on her blog and it is too funny! What you do is type your name with "needs" after it in Google and see what Google says you "need"!
Lucy needs ....
1. gosip! (tell me your juice!)
2. a haircut (too funny as my hair is about 3 feet long)
3. ... your love. (a springer spanial in need of a new home) :o)
4. ... professional help ( you have no idea how badly!)
5. ...Lucy needs to realize that there is no way you can make your parents be what you need. They either are or they are not. (hmmmm interesting)
6. Lucy needs to assess what things she likes doing most. ( true but hard since there are so many things I like to do most)
7. Lucy needs another animal like her as a companion (I think this is my favorite!)
8. Friends and family from Coast to Coast are aware that Lucy needs Butt Support. (well!)
9. Lucy needs a turban and a crystal ball. And a ruby in her navel! (don't we all?!)
10. Lucy needs to be an only cat not only because she is declawed but also because she does tend to get a little upset if she isn’t the center of attention. (there you go)

This was too much fun. Thanks Angelic.
Now you go out and do it. Make sure you go pee first though!
Good Night!


angeliclenore said...

Oh my that was HILARIOUS!! My favorites are #8 & #9. LOL! Thanks for playing! We found it also works if you do "wants" and "gets". I love this game!

Almostgreat said...

Josie wants....

1) Josie wants you to hug her.
2) Josie wants to find the murderer
3) Josie wants the biggest turkey - she wanted the biggest real tree. She wants everything to be perfect.
4) Josie wants to take the children to the beach, but her beach ball has a puncture. Who can she find to help her mend the hole?
5) Josie wants to feel part of a community—what does it take to feel like you “belong,” (deep thoughts by google)
6) Josie wants a tattoo. (Not last time I checked)
Josie wants to meet 7 people. (Or more... maybe less)
7) Josie wants to lose the baby fat once and for all and fit into her skinny jeans. (Totally... but I haven't had a baby. It's just plain old fat-fat.)

Josie wants is WAY more fun that josie needs... LOL

Jeanne said...

My favorites for Jeanne Mitchell

1-Jeanne would like to sleep with silk, suede, and satin Jeanne wants all and croses her fingers, to help out destiny

2-Make-up artist Carmindy has to give Jeanne a look that she feels she can wear for work and to party in, and Jeanne wants help in hiding a tattoo she has ...

3-Jeanne wants her title and her lands back

4-Rachel wants only the best for her special day, while Jeanne wants her to stick to the budget. Will mother and daughter be able to compromise?

and last but not least: Jeanne, perhaps you should stop talking about me on your blog.

Jeanne said...

I found this for EM
Miss Emily. What does Emily want to be when she grows up? Well, it changes on a regular basis. ... This week, she wants to be a zoologist and work in a Zoo. ...

Lucy said...

Well what have you been saying about me on your blog?

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