Monday, April 09, 2007


We had a fun Easter party this year and my brother said I ought to post it somewhere so I will post it here. (maybe that way I can remember next year what we did!) Hee Hee.
We had 17 cousins together this year for the hunt which made things fun and a little complicated.
We divided the kids up into smaller group, babies - up to 2, Littles - 2 to 5, Bigs - 6-9, and biggers 9-11. (we have a 9 year old girl that wanted to stay with the bigs and a 9 year old boy that wanted to go with the biggers as they were all boys).
For the babies we put 1 jelly bean each into several eggs and scattered them in my mom's back yard as it is pretty small and a protected area. (the babies both fell asleep so we skipped their hunt and will do it tomorrow when they come back for babysitting)
For the littles we put treats into 12 eggs each. The older ones had fun counting up to 12. It was fun. We hid them in my mom's front yard which has many fun places to hunt.
For the Bigs, we had 12 different kinds of eggs from them to each look for and gave them a check list to help them keep track of what they were looking for. They seemed to love this. It really extended the hunt because in got harder and harder to find specific kinds of eggs. We hid these in my back yard (I live next door to my mom). It is a real mess with long grass so they really had to hunt for them. I also had my 13 year old nephew hide them and he really hid them well. It was a lot of fun.
For the Biggers, I arranged a scavenger hunt with rhyming clues around my front yard. That was tough for me but fun. On each clue there was a letter. These letters had to be unscrambled to find the candy cache. Which was my mother's treasure chest. That was fun and a lot harder for the kids than I guessed.
I will post some pictures when I have time but I wanted to put this down before I forget. This was successful enough that we would like to repeat a version of this every year. It wasn't that hard and it was so fun having so much to do.

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