Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mama and Baby Byrd

Mama Byrd
Do I really need to write anything here? Doesn't she say it all? I HAD to make this last night when I saw it. Sometimes you just have to do something just for mama. This little Mama Byrd sits above my desk and watches over my crafting dreams till I get time to work on them.
Here is her little baby.
Baby Byrd
Here is a fuzzy close up. Sorry.
Baby and Shell
She is just too much fun. I am going to have to help the girls make their own little babies and eggs today to play with. (They keep sneaking off with this mama to play with her.)
Mama and Baby
If you got the bug not and just HAVE to make one, the tutorial and pattern are at MollyChicken.


angeliclenore said...

I saw this yesterday also! I am so excited to see that you made it!! I am envious that you had all that on hand.

Lucy said...

Yes the stash is a good thing. I was having the most stressful week with everything and I threw it all down last night and made this mama and she was so wroth it.

Autum said...

Your mama and baby byrd are adorable!!

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