Sunday, April 08, 2007

Match Book

Match Book 001
I saw these this week and just had to make them. They are so fun and cute and fast.
Michelle at Greetings Art has a great tutorial on how to make these. Go check it out. These are really too much fun. My kids are in love with them and the fun they are. Caroline is my journalist and has already taken possession of one and is journaling in it (in very tiny print). I love projects that I can hook the kids into. They already have plans to make their own now and maybe in different sizes. For myself, I thought it is a much cuter way to keep track of bits of information such as e-mail addresses and websites I must see or even for jotting down those bits of inspiration that seem to hit me and then evaporate when I get time to act on them. :o)


karenmb said...

love the look of these, but can't seem to find the tutorial. Help, please?

Lucy said...

Sorry about that . I fixed the link. Here is the link as well.

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