Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Blog Day To Me

I have been blogging for a year now. I can't believe it. Last week was my actual blog day but I was too busy to post then.

Here is where I started.

Happy Halloween 2006

This this post about my Halloween costuming attempts.

I have done so many things. It is amazing to look back over the year and see an actual record of what I have done. Here are some photos of my favorite things.

Big Fish My first quilted post card.

JEB and his Monkey My first "Not So Sock Monkey".

Dino Shoes My Soft Baby Shoes

Hanna's Smock My first apron tutorial.

The trees The ice storm.

Taste it! Cooking with my kids.

Valentine Aprons My first Tie One On Apron.

Monkey Diaper 1 Cloth Diapers.

25 Madd Eye Moody's Eye A Hogwarts Birthday.

AA 14 Mama Byrd Creations.

MA 18 My Ipod winning Mother's Day Apron.

July 8 My first tutorial on Whip-up.

2 The Peg Doll Party.

Prairie Hen The starting of Prairie Hen Day.

Jeans Apron #2 My recycled Jeans Apron tutorial.

Sexy Rebecca in an Apron Sexy Apron Day.

Front Four Seasons Doll Quilt Swap.

Henna Dye 5 Henna Hair

Tom 3 and Train Love.

In Honor of my very First Blog Day I would like to give away some things to my blogging friends.

First off is one of my Ozark Patchwork Christmas Stockings.


Second is on of my Original Mama Byrd Aprons.

And third is one of my Recycled Jeans Aprons.

How Do You Get One of These??
Enter a comment telling me something new you did this year. This will get you one chance one win something. If you blog my give away and post a link to your post in a comment, your name will be entered again. (thanks Domestic Chicky for that idea).
The deadline to get your name in the drawing is Midnight Saturday November 10th. I will put all the names in a hat and draw 3 lucky winners out.

I just wanted to say to all of you that come here that I have really enjoyed blogging with you this year. I was so nervous to start. I didn't think I would have anything to say or share that anyone would want to read. I have learned so much this year and have made some really good friends. I would list them now but the list would be long and I would just die if I left someone off the list. I love you all and thank you for stopping by and brightening my day with your comments.


kawaii crafter said...

Congrats on your one year of blogging!

futuregirl said...

Happy Anniversary! :) And here's to many more years of blogging!

greetingarts said...

Wow, one year, congratulations! I'm so glad I found you, thanks to your fantastic apron tutorials. That's something new that I did this year (post my own tutorials), and now I can fully appreciate how difficult and time-consuming it is. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us, in the years to come.

Almostgreat said...

I have really enjoyed peeking at your life this last year Lucy! It is great fun to see pics of you and the kids doing fun things! Well this year... new... I moved to Africa, and started my own blog about life, I also started a craft blog, It doesn't have any tutorials... yet. But it is a place that I can post pictures of what I have been working on and maybe be able to look back and see how my skills have progressed?

LauraJ said...

Happy Blogiversary!!
You've given me an extra-ordinary great idea for next year's halloween costume!! Those little damsels up there are certainly rocking the corset and skirts! Next year I'm going to attempt one of those corsets...and the skirt too.
This has been a good year for what have I learned this year? I tried machine stipple quilting for the first time. I enjoyed it very much!!

mama k said...

Happy Blog-versary!

I did so many new things this year. The thing that has been most on my mind lately is making new friends and branching out a bit. It's been over a year, but I am still adjusting to being a SAHM/WAHM. Many of my friends are still single and all but one are childless so it has been a big transition.

JV said...

Happy one year!!!

Been working on a ton of totes for the holiday season!

I love your blog. Such interesting entries. :)

Em said...

Lucy - Congratulations on your first year! You were one of the people who inspired ME to start blogging! That's what I did new this year - in addition to following your tutorial about the jean apron, and making a few petite ones for my Daughter's Montessori School classroom. I'm so happy to have found your site, so many times a source of inspiration! Yay - One year down - tons more to come! Em

Ethereal Craft said...

Happy one year blog-iversary! I've linked to your blog at

Keep up the good blogging.

Jeanne said...

Congrats Lucy!!! I have done many new things this year. 1 is to start a blog thanks to you and Josie. Also join my 1st on-line quilt swap, again thanks to you.

angeliclenore said...

CONGRATS!! That is so cool! I have also blogged your giveaway.

Happy one year to you!!!!!

Rebecca Lesue said...

Lucy, You are great. I don't actually want to be in the drawing--you have given me so many things, it is someone else's turn, but Congratulations on having such a super cool blog!!!!!

Alisa said...

Congratulations. I think you said that my blog is one of the ones that inspired you to start blogging. I think that's so funny since I almost never ever ever write! I've loved reading yours over this year and I think it's so fun to see what you're up to, and what your family is doing. It gives me a peek into the family, since I can't be there (boohoo).

This year I became a school teacher- -elementary art. And along with that, there are many many new things that I've tried. Like painting with 30 6 year olds! It's fun and hard and exhuasting but so so worth it. It's something that I always wanted to try but never thought I would. I'm glad I got the chance to actually do it.

The Snow Family said...

I LOVE your blog. It is probably my favorite. You are so talented. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent! Can't wait to meet you in person. Hopefully we will make it to the next reunion.

CalicoDaisy said...

Something new... I just found your blog when googling for child aprons. I needed a fresh idea, and you have alot. Something new this year is blogging for me! Once I figured out what was going on, I had to have one. Mine is Then, of course, I had to swap. I've done several since the first of September. Love it, love it! Nice that you share patterns and skills. I like to do that, too. -- Michele

jeanetta said...

love those renaissance dresses. i want one!
oh man what have i made this year? i have to pick just one? lol
i am really proud of my aprons. those are my latest i guess.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your 1-year blogiversary! I haven't reached 6 months yet, but was fortunate to stumble on the Four Seasons Quilt Swap, which led me to your blog.

As for the something new, well, I took on the job of co-leader for my area quilt group, which has been a little stressful and a lot eye-opening for me!

Marylois said...

Congrats Lucy. I have made some of the aprons you have shown here. They are great. I am currently working on some quilt tops for Holly to take to Southern California with her and Howard. Keep on Bloggin'

kimmieknits said...

My sister pointed me to your blog, I love the sexy apron idea. I laughed when she first told me about it, I had to come and see for myself. Kristi is my sister and Matthew is my brother in Law. I am her older sister and I love to knit and that is something I just started this year. My husband thinks I am a yarn freak and i have to admit I am becoming one. I am glad she pointed me to your blog you have lots cute and fun ideas.. Thanks so much for making cooking so much more fun with those aprons. PS how do I get one?

mountain-quiltist said...

Congrats on doin this for one year! I've been readin you for a while and love hearing what's up in the Byrd house. I think I'd look cute in any kind of apron! LOL

DrummerGirl said...

Here's where I posted a link:

I came across your blog awhile ago bc it was linked on a friend of a friend of a friend of friend's blog, and I love reading craft blogs.

How did you do the stencil on the jeans apron? It's so cute!

nkd said...

I did a lot of new things this year (actually, this is the first time I'm trying to win something) but I think the most significant was having my second child completely naturally- no epidural or anything. A huge accomplishment for me! Happy Blog Day to you!

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